At Playschool Early Learning Centres we have an active Parent/Community Hub. Our meetings are held once per month in each Centre. We provide a garden morning tea and have a guest speaker attend to talk to our parents about relevant topics. We welcome all of our families to attend these valuable meetings and give us feedback about our Centres.

It also gives parents a wonderful opportunity to observe the Abecedarian Approach in action. At our January Parent/Community Hub one of our beautiful parents who is a qualified Dietician came in to speak to our parents about Nutrition for Children.

During early childhood the body and brain is rapidly developing. Good nutrition is vital to ensure children have enough energy and the necessary nutrients to grow, learn and play. It is also important to work with your child to develop positive eating habits as these habits are usually continued into adulthood. The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating shows the five food groups we should eat from every day.

You can find out when our next Parent/Community Hub meeting is by checking the noticeboards in each Centre or going onto the Facebook page for more information.