Playschool Early Learning Centres

“For Those Who Appreciate the Difference”

Playschool Early Learning Centres are for those families who appreciate genuine, quality and friendly early childhood education and care for their children. Our personalised Centres are family owned and operated. We aim to ensure that each child feels a genuine sense of belonging in order to be themselves and become the best version of themselves.

Why Choose Playschool Early Learning Centres:

  • We are certified Abecedarian Learning Centres (Abecedarian Approach Australia – 3A)
  • Customised individual learning programs catering for the learning needs of each child that incorporates the Abecedarian Approach
  • A vibrant Kindergarten Program and a team of responsive early childhood educators
  • A holistic approach to learning and development
  • An extensive range of exciting extracurricular activities that broaden our education program
  • An open door to your family where communication and collaboration is key
  • An active Parent/Community Hub
  • Natural, aesthetically inviting environments that have been developed to engage a young child’s five senses, provoking wonder, curiosity and physical and intellectual engagements
  • We promote health and wellbeing by using Doterra essential oils daily throughout the Centre
  • We create a comfortable environment where families/carers, children and educators want to be

Playschool Early Learning Centre’s motto is “Happy Children, Bright Futures!”


Welcome to Playschool Early Learning Centres. Learn what we are all about.


We lead children on the path to a happy and successful learning journey.


Our range of extracurricular activities broaden our educational programs.


We focus on communication between our team and our parent community.


We enjoy great relationships with our families - hear what they have to say!


The Abecedarian Approach has resulted in balanced interaction and education.