New parents often ask, “When should my child see a dentist?” The answer is your child should see a dental practitioner by his or her 2nd birthday. The idea of early dental visits is a good way to get your child familiar with the dental clinic and the routine of seeing a qualified dental practitioner.

Playschool Early Learning Centres have partnered with Dental2You to allow your child to have their teeth checked while at the Centre. Dental2You is a unique initiative that provides high quality, on site general dental services to children aged from 2 to 17. Dental2You comprises a team of accredited and experienced dentists with a keen desire to provide essential dental care to your children.

Under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS), funded by the Australian Federal Government, their services are at no cost to the Centre or the parents. They can provide these services to eligible families which are covered under the scheme.