The Playschool Philosophy

At Playschool Early Learning Centres our passion for the Abecedarian Approach (3A Abecedarian Approach Australia- The University of Melbourne) has driven our Playschool ELC team to develop a balance between adult-led intentional teaching, meaningful adult- child interactions, spontaneous child centred play and child’s agency.

We aim to provide a comfortable environment at our Early Learning Centres where families/ carers, children and educators want to be! We believe our warm, friendly, nurturing environment and 3A teaching and learning strategies lead our young learners on the path to a happy and successful education and life journey.

Through the development of a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), we aim to foster and provide a higher level of knowledge in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and contributions, providing a place of equity, dignity and respect for all.

We include and embrace each child, their family, respect diversity and have a commitment to inclusion and equality. We aim to develop a deep sense of security, trust and acceptance with the children encouraging them to develop to their full potential.

Playschool ELC recognises the importance of family in a child’s life and encourage the involvement of the primary caregivers, family members and the wider community to connect with and interact with the children’s learning journey. We believe that open, respectful, and regular communication is an integral part of maintaining these vital relationships and we use various methods to ensure they are maintained. Our team endeavour to be an extension of the family and encourage our educators to display teaching practices which reflect this.

Our vision is to lead responsive, motivated, and engaged educators who genuinely care about the future of our children. We aim to employ educators who embrace and implement the 3A Approach, undertake professional development to improve themselves as educators and to deepen their understanding of how children learn and grow. We believe our educators need to be positive role models in every way because children are learning through each experience, every day.

Playschool Early Learning Centres respect and appreciate our natural environment. Our Educators understand the importance of embedding a love of nature in our children and using the learning environment as the third teacher. We believe that play is learning, and there is no better resource than nature. We also incorporate the use of loose parts and recycled materials to ensure we are creating responsible adults and a happier environment. Nature play and Loose parts also create open ended learning experiences allowing children to be creative and problem solve.

We provide an educational program that supports The Early Learning Years Framework as well as implementing the Abecedarian Approach. We believe in creating supportive, stimulating, and harmonious environments, which promote active learning and positive “learn through play” situations with a strong focus on language priorities. We aim to nurture independence, a strong sense of identities, connectedness, wellbeing, confidence, and strong sense of self. We believe these factors are essential to a child’s belonging, being and becoming. Our Centre Philosophy supports Playschool Early Learning Centre’s motto:

“Happy Children, Bright Futures”


Our learning centres are for those who appreciate the difference!


We lead children on the path to a happy and successful learning journey.


Our range of extracurricular activities broaden our educational programs.


We enjoy great relationships with our families - hear what they have to say!


We focus on communication between our team and our parent community.


The Abecedarian Approach has resulted in balanced interaction and education.