The Essence of Playschool – Discover the Difference

Play is an instrument in stimulating and shaping a childís development and learning, so our program has developed a balance between child-centred natural play and adult-led play that is more intentional and structured.  Every corner of every space has an identity and purpose, providing opportunities for a variety of learning experiences.

Learning environments are created to support the whole child develop emotionally, cognitively, socially and physically enabling the child to grow and excel. Our focus on natural, aesthetically inviting environments to engage the young childís five senses, provoking wonder, curiosity and physical and intellectual engagements.

Accredited Abecedarian Centres (Abecedarian Approach Australia 3a ñ The University of Melbourne). We implement one of the few evidence-based, proven programs that places a priority on childrenís language acquisition, because language is a proven core of early learning and school readiness.  Our commitment to employ and support educators with the same passion provides an excellent foundation to maximise learning outcomes. We also educate and train parents/carers in the Abecedarian Approach.

Your child can enjoy, in addition to the EYLFÖ music, yoga, fitness, gardening, dance, tennis, cooking, language appreciation program and a sustainability program.  We use Do Terra essential oils throughout the Centre to support the health and wellbeing of our Playschool family.  Playschool Centres also have an optometrist and speech therapist that we work with.

Sustainable practices are embedded into our program through collaborating with families, educators, community and the children.  The children are taught the importance of nurturing the natural environment and the sustainable use of resources to develop and implement sustainable practices.

Communication and collaboration is key! It is vital for educators and parents/carers to have open communication and work together to build respectful, trusting relationships to customised individual learning programs catering for the learning needs of each child. We recognise that you are your childís first teacher, so letís work together to get the best outcomes for them.

Happy Children, Bright Futures!  We aim to ensure that each child feels a genuine sense of BELONGING. ëBelongingí empowers children to BE themselves enabling them to have a sense of security and confidence; form relationships; connect with others; respect themselves, others and our environment; share; extend their range of experiences and take risks. We support your child in this learning journey so they BECOME the best version of themselves.

Owned and operated by a local family.  Bernadette Watson (Approved Provider) is a passionate hands-on operator and has worked in education for more than 25 years. She has a Bachelor of Education and is also a qualified Early Childhood Teacher. Playschool Centres pride themselves on being a place where families, educators, teachers and children want to be! We have many long-standing team members that have been part of our Playschool family for over 10 years. Our Centres are for those who want genuine, quality and friendly early childhood education for their children…for those who appreciate the difference!

Open door Policy! We open our doors to your family and genuinely recognise the important role you play in helping us to support and educate your child. Parent and community members play an important role as your contributions help to develop our Playschool culture and make us make changes to suit the needs of our families. Our Parent/Community Hub meeting is also a wonderful way to make friends, learn information on specific topics and have your say.

Lifelong learners! We lead children on the path to a happy and successful formal education by delivering a vibrant Kindergarten Program with a team of responsive Early Childhood Teachers.  The Early Years Learning Framework and the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines are used to support and promote learning and underpin the program. We collaborate closely with local schools, outside support agencies and families to facilitate a successful transition from Playschool to school.


Our learning centres are for those who appreciate the difference!


We lead children on the path to a happy and successful learning journey.


Our range of extracurricular activities broaden our educational programs.


We enjoy great relationships with our families - hear what they have to say!


We focus on communication between our team and our parent community.


The Abecedarian Approach has resulted in balanced interaction and education.