Approved Abecedarian Centres

At Playschool Early Learning Centres we are passionate about the Abecedarian Approach. Our educators use this approach with your child on a daily basis. We encourage parents to embrace the Approach when interacting with their child in their homes.

There are four key elements to the Approach: Language Priority, Conversational Reading, Learning Games and Enriched Caregiving. The Abecedarian Approach places a priority on children’s language acquisition, because research shows that language is key to children’s early learning and school readiness.

Most of a child’s day includes eating, getting dressed, exploring, playing and interacting with adults. Language rich interactions that are frequent and intentional should take place with your child throughout the day during all of these activities. Language allows children to organise their thoughts, explain their ideas, express their feelings, and gives them the tools to make connections with those around them.

We provide the opportunity for parents to observe the Abecedarian Approach in action in the Centre at any time. We have an open door policy and encourage parents to participate in the daily activities in the Centre. All of our educators are available to help parents practice the Abecedarian Approach with their child.

There are a number of useful resources included on our Playschool Early Learning Centres website and Facebook page to help parents to implement the Approach in their own homes. The more parents use this Approach at home the greater the benefit for their child and their development.


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