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Playschool Philosophy

At Playschool Early Learning Centres our passion for the Abecedarian Approach (3A Abecedarian Approach Australia- The University of Melbourne) has driven our Playschool ELC team to develop a balance between adult-led intentional teaching, meaningful adult- child interactions, spontaneous child centred play and child’s agency.

We aim to provide a comfortable environment at our Early Learning Centres where families/ carers, children and educators want to be! We believe our warm, friendly, nurturing environment and 3A teaching and learning strategies lead our young learners on the path to a happy and successful education and life journey.

Through the development of a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), we aim to foster and provide a higher level of knowledge in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and contributions, providing a place of equity, dignity and respect for all.


We include and embrace each child, their family, respect diversity and have a commitment to inclusion and equality. We aim to develop a deep sense of security, trust and acceptance with the children encouraging them to develop to their full potential.

Playschool ELC recognises the importance of family in a child’s life and encourage the involvement of the primary caregivers, family members and the wider community to connect with and interact with the children’s learning journey. We believe that open, respectful, and regular communication is an integral part of maintaining these vital relationships and we use various methods to ensure they are maintained. Our team endeavour to be an extension of the family and encourage our educators to display teaching practices which reflect this.

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Our vision is to lead responsive, motivated, and engaged educators who genuinely care about the future of our children. We aim to employ educators who embrace and implement the 3A Approach, undertake professional development to improve themselves as educators and to deepen their understanding of how children learn and grow. We believe our educators need to be positive role models in every way because children are learning through each experience, every day.

Playschool Early Learning Centres respect and appreciate our natural environment. Our Educators understand the importance of embedding a love of nature in our children and using the learning environment as the third teacher. We believe that play is learning, and there is no better resource than nature. We also incorporate the use of loose parts and recycled materials to ensure we are creating responsible adults and a happier environment. Nature play and Loose parts also create open ended learning experiences allowing children to be creative and problem solve.

We provide an educational program that supports The Early Learning Years Framework as well as implementing the Abecedarian Approach. We believe in creating supportive, stimulating, and harmonious environments, which promote active learning and positive “learn through play” situations with a strong focus on language priorities. We aim to nurture independence, a strong sense of identities, connectedness, wellbeing, confidence, and strong sense of self. We believe these factors are essential to a child’s belonging, being and becoming. Our Centre Philosophy supports Playschool Early Learning Centre’s motto:


“Happy Children, Bright Futures”

Why Playschool…

Abercedarian Approach

At Playschool Early Learning Centres we are passionate about the Abecedarian Approach. Our educators use this approach with your child on a daily basis. We encourage parents to embrace the Approach when interacting with their child in their homes.

There are four key elements to the Approach: Language Priority, Conversational Reading, Learning Games and Enriched Caregiving. The Abecedarian Approach places a priority on children’s language acquisition, because research shows that language is key to children’s early learning and school readiness.

Most of a child’s day includes eating, getting dressed, exploring, playing and interacting with adults. Language rich interactions that are frequent and intentional should take place with your child throughout the day during all of these activities. Language allows children to organise their thoughts, explain their ideas, express their feelings, and gives them the tools to make connections with those around them.

We provide the opportunity for parents to observe the Abecedarian Approach in action in the Centre at any time. We have an open door policy and encourage parents to participate in the daily activities in the Centre. All of our educators are available to help parents practice the Abecedarian Approach with their child.

There are a number of useful resources included on our Playschool Early Learning Centres website and Facebook page to help parents to implement the Approach in their own homes. The more parents use this Approach at home the greater the benefit for their child and their development.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Throughout the year, our centres’ offer a range of convenient on-site support services accessible to your child.

This means that while your child is in our care, you can maximise your family time, knowing that these professional services are readily available. We recognize the demands of modern family life and the challenges of finding spare time, so we aim to streamline your experience with us. Click below to learn more about the services provided at our centres’.

'Exceeding' Rated

'Exceeding' Rated Centres

has been designed to provide everything needed to embed sustainable practices across the Centre and meet the Australian National Quality Framework environmental objectives Playschool Early Learning Centres are excited to be a part of Small Green Steps. A sustainability program which embeds sustainable practices within the Centres.
This program will enhance, consolidate and extend our current sustainability program and practices. We are excited to be educating your children about taking care of their future.
The 40-step program is completed by each Centre as a group and.

Abecedarian Approach


Playschool services are certified Abecedarian centres’ with coaches, affiliate trainers and all educators trained to embed the Abecedarian strategies.

Nature & Loose Parts

Nature play and loose parts play are both recognised as highly beneficial for child development, fostering creativity, problem-solving skills, and overall well-being. Nature play promotes physical health, sensory stimulation, and stress reduction, fostering creativity and imagination. Loose parts play involves open-ended materials that encourage creativity, problem-solving, and social skills. Both types of play contribute to the overall well-being of children by providing opportunities for unstructured, child-directed activities that support physical, cognitive, and social development. Combining nature elements with loose parts enhances the richness of the play experience, allowing children to explore and engage with their environment in diverse and imaginative ways.

Nature and loose parts play supports relationships between Playschool and its wider community. Families, children and the community collecting and donating loose parts and nature for our Playschool children to play, build and explore with fosters a connection and builds our children’s understanding of sustainability, recycling and their community.

Home Made resources

It truly is a family affair, we are fortunate to have Genny, Roz and Bill (Bernadette’s mother and parents in law) on board creating resources for Playschool Centres’. Genny dedicates her days to creating interactive stories, fairy gardens, educational resources, stories and props for songs and play. In her retirement Genny has found a passion for education and crafting handmade resources that support children’s learning within our Playschool centres’. Through her creations, Genny not only feels a sense of connection, community, and purpose but also enriches the learning experience for our children.

Moreover, Genny’s involvement teaches the children a valuable lesson about respect and care for our belongings. They learn firsthand where our resources come from and the importance of cherishing and preserving them. Genny’s contributions not only enhance our educational environment but also instil a deeper understanding of sustainability and responsibility in our young learners.

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