Our Story

Playschool ELC’s passion and focus is to support your family and child as they grow and develop throughout the Early Years. It is known that the first 5 years of your child’s life are the most vital years as their brain develops more rapidly than any other time of their development. All Playschool Early Learning centres are proudly EXCEEDING in all 7 Quality Areas of the National Quality Standards. Our Exceeding rating demonstrates our commitment to providing the highest quality education and care.

Our embedded management team and educators provide a wealth of knowledge, support, and consistency, creating a culture and environment that everyone wants to be a part of. Our centre’s strong support systems allow for educators to deliver high-quality programs and care where we nurture and guide your child to develop the necessary skills to ensure they succeed.

Playschool Early Learning Centre’s have embedded the Abecedarian Approach throughout our programs and practices. The Abecedarian Approach is one of the few evidence-based, proven programs that places priority on children’s language acquisition. Children are exposed to intentional and meaningful adult-child interactions through conversational reading, enriched caregiving, and Abecedarian learning games. Through the Abecedarian Approach, our Educators are able to spend valuable, one-on-one time with your child, enabling them to develop programs based on each child’s individual needs.

We embrace and embed nature and loose parts play. This provides open-ended learning environments for children, promoting critical thinking, imagination, problem-solving, and creativity.

When you enter one of our centres, we know both you and your child will feel at home, and a part of our Playschool family.