Playschool Early Learning centres are family owned and operated by early childhod teachers who want to make a difference.

At Playschool, our mission is to support children to become their most happy and confident selves, ready to tackle any challenge that comes their way. Through open and meaningful connections with Playschool families, community and educators’ children will have the support they need to thrive and take on the world.




Coomera Rivers

Our Story

Playschool ELC’s passion and focus is to support your family and child as they grow and develop throughout the Early Years. It is known that the first 5 years of your child’s life are the most vital years as their brain develops more rapidly than any other time of their development.

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All Playschool Early Learning centres are proudly EXCEEDING in all 7 Quality Areas of the National Quality Standards. Our Exceeding rating demonstrates our commitment to providing the highest quality education and care.

Our embedded management team and educators provide a wealth of knowledge, support, and consistency, creating a culture and environment that everyone wants to be a part of. Our centre’s strong support systems allow for educators to deliver high-quality programs and care where we nurture and guide your child to develop the necessary skills to ensure they succeed.

Meet the Approved Provider

My name is Bernadette Watson and I am the proud owner of Playschool Early Learning Centres (ELC). I have been teaching and hold a Bachelor of Education (primary and early childhood) since 1993.

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Our Centres are certified Abecedarian Early Learning Centres (Abecedarian Approach Australia 3A – The University of Melbourne) and proudly embed the Abecedarian strategies. Additionally, I am personally trained and accredited as an Abecedarian Affiliated Trainer and Coach.

The Abecedarian Approach has driven our Playschool ELC team to create a learning environment that promotes intentional and meaningful adult-child interactions. Enriched caregiving, conversational reading and learning games are used to ensure language is a priority and to ultimately improve our children’s educational outcomes and futures.

Being a mother of three beautiful girls myself, who are all now qualified Early Childhood Educators that work within Playschool ELC, has allowed me to appreciate the importance of high quality education and care. We understand that the decision to place your child in care is a difficult one. Deciding on which centre to trust with the care of your child is even more difficult. It is a privilege to be chosen by you to care for and educate your little ones.

Playschool ELC provides ongoing training and support to our educators, ensuring they possess a solid understanding of evidence-based teaching/learning strategies and understand the importance of a learning environment that provokes wonder, curiosity and intellectual engagement in a safe and secure space.

Playschool Early Learning Centre’s motto is “Happy Children, Bright Futures!” We strive to empower our young learners by providing an environment where children can form relationships, share, co-operate, develop self-control, test ideas and friendships and extend their range of experience. Self-awareness and self-confidence is nurtured through planned and spontaneous play experiences so our learners develop a love for learning and are empowered to grow wings and fly.

Please know that as a valued parent of our Centre, we encourage you to communicate with us and participate in our Centre activities, programs and our Parent Advisory Board. Your talents, skills, hobbies and suggestions are a welcome and necessary element in your child’s early development.

Our learning Centres are for those who appreciate the difference! Thank you for considering Playschool ELC.

Yours in education and care,

Bernadette Watson

Approved Provider of Playschool Early Learning Centres

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'Exceeding' Rated

'Exceeding' Rated Centres

All of our Playschool centres are exceeding the national quality standards in all 7 areas.
Our management team and educators work extremely hard to provide the highest quality care for our children and families. We are beyond proud of this achievement.

Nutritious Meals

Nutritious 3 Course Meals Provided

Our centre’s serve three nutritious meals, thoughtfully crafted to support the health and well-being of growing children.

Abecedarian Approach


Playschool services are certified Abecedarian centres’ with coaches, affiliate trainers and all educators trained to embed the Abecedarian strategies.

Free Kindergarten

Queensland Government Approved Free Kindergarten Program

Pre-prep children are entitled to 15 free hours of kindergarten per week, for 40 weeks per year, through a Government Approved Kindergarten program. Eligibility extends to children who turn 4 before June 30th of the year before they start school.

Learn Through Play

Nature and Loose Parts program

We prioritize fostering children's imagination, creativity, and innovation. We achieve this through open-ended play experiences, where nature and loose parts play enable children to scaffold their own learning. Natural and man-made materials become anything their imagination desires!


Extra-Curricular Activities & Health Support

We offer a number of exciting extra-curricular and health support services throughout the centres.

Manage & Educate

Longstanding Management & Educators

We take great pride in our longstanding management and educators, who have been integral members of our Playschool family for decades. At Playschool, we cultivate a supportive, welcoming, and warm environment for our team, which enables us to create a happy and cohesive atmosphere for the children in our care.

Multiple Educators

Multiple Early Childhood Educators at Each Centre

We are proud to have multiple Early Childhood Teacher’s at all our services delivering meaningful and intentional kindergarten programs.